Prior to her career in Web3, Rachel has an additional 13 years of experience as a Preschool Teacher and is a published author. With a background in marketing and community building, Rachel is passionate about using her skills to help others navigate the complex world of Web3 and NFTs. She believes that through education and collaboration, anyone can succeed in this exciting new space.


As a corporate sales executive, Subs brings a wealth of experience from a variety of industries, including employment relations, telecommunications, and creative/digital agencies. In addition to his professional pursuits, he is also a dedicated investor and collector with a strong belief in the potential of web3 technologies. 


A chef-turned-Web3 expert and NFT collector based in Sydney. With a passion for blockchain technology and community building, Joico made the leap into the digital world during the height of the Australian lockdowns and has never looked back. 

Joey Chowaiki
Aka Twister

Inc. & Forbes 30 Under 30 | Co-Founder at Open Influence | Co-Founder at MAGMA | Web3 Enthusiast, Collector & Investor



Crypto trader, blockchain enthusiast, and MMA lover. Previously studying Finance at University, Joee quickly established his passion for the Web 3 space and found his home within The Glue


The Glues resident degen! you’ll find him dwelling deep in the alpha channels of many discord communities. Loves twitter spaces, art and SupDucks!


Computer science and AI student based in the UK. Maza has always had a passion for art and new tech. She inevitably found her way into the web3 space. Loves gaming and animals (especially ducks)


Skating Peace Art and Creativity Evolving is what Fern is all about. Skateboarder from Southern California and fashion enthusiast finding his way in Web3


After spending the last decade traveling, working odd jobs and enjoying the fruits of his youth - Chele finally found a home in web3.  Lover of Aussie Rules and old pro-wrestling


With over 12 years of experience in marketing, events and partnerships, Lauren has worked with clients like IMG, BMW, Nike, LVMH, and a number of others. She brings a luxury lens to all of her work, and has worked to build communities and bring positive brand awareness to her clients. She has been part of web3 since 2021 with a focus on community building and partnerships